A4 350 Cutting Ruler


Combination of ruler and cutter for trimming paper and card safely and accurately. Calibrated self-healing cutting mat to protect work surfaces. Heat treated blade. Cuts up to 3 sheets 80gsm paper at one pass.
Pack: 2 (split packs are available)

A4 and A3 Rotary Trimmers

High quality A4 and A3 Trimmers feature ground rotary cutting blades and see-through paper clamp. Metal cutting table measures 320mm x 157mm (A4) and 460mm x 155mm (A3). Replacement cutting heads available.

A4 cuts up to 10 sheets 80gsm paper - A3 cuts up to 10 sheets 80gsm paper.

Pack: 5 (split packs are available)

A4 Precision Guillotines

For precision paper cutting, A4 guillotines have a transparent locking safety guard and a reinforced lockable hand blade. Calibrated cutting table, length A4: 320mm.

Cuts up to 10 sheets 80gsm paper.
Pack: 5 (split packs are available)

Dial-a-Blade 4-in-1 Creative A4 Trimmer

With easily and safely selectable cutting blades, the Dial-a-Blade trimmer features blades for four applications: straight cut, wavy cut, perforation and card creasing. Simply turn dial to selected blade type, and slide segment along rule to trim, perforate or crease paper or card. Calibrated 300mm rule accommodates A4. Cuts up to 5 sheets together. Anti-slip rubber pads.
Pack: 10 (split packs are available)

A4 3-in-1 Creative Trimmer

3-in-1 Trimmer features changeable rotary blade cassettes for three applications: straight cut, wavy cut and perforation. Simply select required cassette and insert into cutting head. Hinged paper clamp. A4 Metal cutting table measures 330mm x 218mm.

Cuts up to 8 sheets 80gsm paper.

Pack: 5 (split packs are available)