Stationery Manufacturers

Have you been looking for Stationery Manufacturers on the internet? Cathedral Products is a stationery manufacturing company and we make a wide range of products at our factory in the West Midlands. Since we started manufacturing filing boxes 12 years ago, our company has grown and we have added more lines to our range. We now offer a brilliant selection of fireproof filing cabinets, wallboards, laminators and guillotines.

You may have already heard of some of our innovative stationery products that are used at home, in the office and in education. Cathedral is behind some of the latest names in stationery such as Namesafe digital safes, Spellock and Travelock locks and the Peel n' Stick notes brand.

Stationery Manufacturers Cathedral Products are on hand to take your order. We offer wholesale stationery and retail stationery to the retail trade and a trade catalogue is available to download on our website. To place an order, or to find out more about our company, please contact us by filling out the enquiry form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are based in the West Midlands.

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